Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Breastfeeding Revolution

Hello Mamas,

Have you overcome huge obstacles and challenges in your life and gained great wisdom from the experience?  While we are in the midst of the chaos we really can't understand why it is happening.  It's usually not until quite some time later that we finally say, "OH!  That's why that happened and I'm better off for having that experience."

If you know me personally then you know that I have dealt with a lifetime of digestive issues.  When I was in my 20's I was diagnosed with a pre-Cancerous condition and had a HUGE wake-up call!  The message I received was, "I am RESPONSIBLE for my own health!"  Not the doctors, Nutritionists or Specialists.  Just me.  I healed myself through food and nutrition.  I vowed that my life would be different.  It has been.

During my first pregnancy I decided that I wanted a Natural, Unmedicated, Unassisted Hospital Birth.  I had a new-found appreciation for my body and knew that Birthing a Baby is what it was designed to do.  I knew if I could trust the process, all would go well and it did.  What I didn't expect was that when my baby was born that all my bacteria and years of my unbalanced system would be passed along to him.  He came out with minimal digestive issues AND he was unable to breastfeed.

You see, I had gained information about Breastfeeding and after experiencing a Natural Birth, I felt that Breastfeeding was the next step in continuing his path to health.  When things didn't go well I felt Isolated, Angry, Confused, Worried, Disappointed....   and the doctors didn't help.  They made me feel crazy.  "JUST give Formula."  But I had the Breastmilk.  I was home with my baby.  I was fully available for exclusive breastfeeding.  I began to question, "Why can't anyone help me to make this work?  Why must I be alone in this journey?"

I was blessed to have a husband that fully supported me.  He made meals, he brought them to me, he stayed up with me at night while I cried from the pain each time my son latched on.  He never left my side.  He carted me around to Pediatricians, Hospitals and ENTs.  Hospitals? Yes, because they took blood from my baby to see if there was a reason why he wasn't gaining weight.

When finally after 3 months of going through the agony, I began supplementing with formula and that brought about tremendous problems for my baby.  He dealt with constipated, diaper rashes, projectile vomiting, and constant crying.  At that time we had an amazing Lactation Specialist come visit our home and she diagnosed his tongue tie.  I was still trying to nurse.  I tried Supplemental Nursing Systems, finger feedings, and Syringe Feedings.  We rushed into NYC with our baby crying all the way and had it clipped in a simple 5 minute procedure.

You would think things would have gotten better after that, right?  Wrong.  Each and Every time I brought my baby to my breast he screamed, almost in terror.  He was so frustrated.  I was frustrated and exhausted.  I couldn't see past the emotional pain for us.  That was the end of our breastfeeding relationship.

I cried and cried every time I gave my baby a bottle.  It wasn't what I had desired for us but at that point I had no control of that.  I didn't know better.  I didn't have any other support.

In the end, I went on to make homemade formula and all of his issues began to subside.  Finally I was at peace with feeding my baby.

~This is part of my Breastfeeding Journey.  It is why I encourage moms to learn more about breastfeeding, so they can choose to do what's best for their babies.  Breastfeeding doesn't look the same for everyone but it is by far the healthiest choice for your baby.  You will need the information and support way before the baby arrives...  It is my intention that you will be informed and inspired here:  www.breastfeedingrevolution.com/Christine

It's a Revolution!  And it's F-R-E-E!  Join 21 amazing mama and baby experts as they share their own personal breastfeeding stories and their best nursing advice with you.

I look forward to welcoming you to Breastfeeding Revolution! 

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In breastfeeding success,

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